This drone is flown with one or two pilots, one to fly the drone and second to control the camera. Give us a call to see it in action.

Meet our new member, the Inspire X5



Above and Beyond can do weddings, ariel photography, mapping, and more. From 1 to 10 Million Insured depending on your needs or the job requires.

Experience, Quality, Top-Notch Editing

Thank you for taking the time to see what we do at Above and Beyond Photography. if you have any questions, please drop us a line.

We take pride in every job we do for our customers no matter how big or small

Give us a call for competitive pricing. Insured from, $1 Million to $10 Million in liability

Our Pilots are Above and Beyond the rest.

Drone Photography, Above and Beyond the Rest


 Your wedding is a once in a lifetime event that deserves expert documentation, Capture those moments like no other. ((More—))

3D, Mapping/Construction

Leave it to the experts! Our team of UAV Pilots who are FAA certified, and capable of getting your shot. We offer aerial inspections, with experience in, roof inspection, mapping and more for any industry. ((More—))

Real Estate

Real Estate, we will give you the edge, envision your property or building with HD video, 4K, aerial images.  ((More—))

Meet our Team

Mavic Pro Platinum

Great for Weddings

This small drone packs a lot of punch, the Mavic Pro Platinum is perfect of weddings, and is  60% quieter than the Mavic Pro and about the quietest drone on the market, comes with better features and more flight time. Book with us or call for details. This drone is able to capture videos 4K making the HD video come to life.

Inspire Pro, with X5 Camera

Meet the latest addition to our team, the Inspire has two cameras and different interchangeable lenses that we can choose from to get the shot or cinematic video to best suet your needs. This drone can be flown by two pilots, one flying the drone the other running the camera. give us a call and see it in action for yourself, it is an amazing piece of equipment.

Greg Gill, FAA Operator

Certified Remote FAA Pilot

Greg Gill is FAA, Federal Aviation Administration, Part 107 UAV certified pilot for unmanned aerial vehicle, and a founding member of CRPAA the only non profit organization that vets top tier drone pilots. Greg has years experience with many different types of drones and an accomplished aerial photographer and videography. feel free to ask any questions.

Phantom 4 Professional Obsidian

DJI Phantom 4 Pro

This drone has much more power and quality than most drones twice its size. The Phantom 4 Pro has an amazing field of view and with a controlled aperture. This camera has a 1-inch 20MP Exmor R CMOS sensor, can record 4K 60 FPS and smarter features. This is our workhorse and gets amazing shots.

Airdata UAV|Drone Safety Verified Badge